Tips to go Bali

After a super long hiatus (again), i hope to update with more things because i have so much to catch up on.

The Bali trip was superb but a little too short for us to cover many places.
Basically, the trip for us was really relaxing and we didn’t do any mega shopping or water activities or trekking.
Just lazing around at beaches and chasing sunsets. Which was what we really needed.
But being the meticulous me, i always google, ask around, search up on where we will be, what we can do, how to go where, etc etc. I like to lug many documents around in a file when i travel so that we can always make changes on the go.

So here it is, my take on what we did and what may interest you when you head on over.

1) Hotels (Tanadewa Luxury Villas & Spa – Nusa Dua) 


W is quite particular in the hotels we stay so we were in this beautiful suite with a indoor pool and private butler. I would recommend this for those who prefer their trip to be quiet and relaxing. The butlers are always alert and very attentive to our needs. In the mornings, we would always chat with them when they deliver our breakfast and did set up at the dining hall (right beside the pool). The butler even got a nail clipper for me when I needed one. Very satisfied stay indeed. 🙂

2) Beaches (Nusa Dua Beach) 


water blow

I love that this beach is so private and not jam packed with tourists. It was a holiday season for many people hence we were warned about the crowded beaches. But here, there were minimal water activities and gorgeous skyline that we can just laze around to look at.

On the other side of the beach, we went to catch the “Water Blow”. It is famous for its high tides crashing unto the rocks and giving a loud and thunderous splash that makes tourists gasp in amaze. It is quite a scene to catch when you are around the area. Be sure to be there when there are big winds and dont head out too far into the rocks.

3) Sunset Dining (Jimbaran Bay) 



May i just say that the sunset is just gorgeous there but it is super crowded at the popular restaurant – Menega cafe. There were so many people waiting around, the waiter is aloof and it was ultra smoky. We ditched that place and just settled for another down the lane. Though the arrival of the food was pretty long, we really enjoyed seeing the sunset and just chatting about i-cant-remember-what. But we just went on and on. it is such a nice place to chill and relax. 😀

4) Balinese Food 

Babi Guling

Contrary to belief that Indonesians are all halal, Balinese are mostly Hindus. That’s why in Bali, their Babi Guling (Roast Pig) are pretty famous. Our driver (yes we hired a driver for 3 days to bring us around), brought us to a local place to dine at and it is quite good. They had fried pig skin that is similar to that in Thailand, some innards of the pig that was spiced and fried and also a specialty soup that comes along with it. Apparently, Babi Guling was the only thing they serve at that restaurant.

To me, it was a bit too oily for my taste. But it is a must try at Bali. Other than that, I heard their duck is one of their specialties as well. I havent tried it but i hope to try it when i go back again! 😉

5) Streets of Seminyak 


Seminyak was a last minute choice to go to. We bought some of our souvenirs here. It was so funny because the streets were so dimly lighted but the shops look so posh at the same time. It kinda reminded me of Korea’s Apgujeong-dong, but less the brightness of street lights and posh cars. We went into a cafe for dinner and we love the casual interior and friendly servers.

6) Shopping (Kuta) 


If you like to do a lot of shopping and partying, Kuta would be the place for you. Remember to bargain with them and dont be shy to walk away when the prices are too high. Most of the stalls sell similar things so you will not miss out on much thats going on in one shop.

7) Sunset chasing (Ayana resort) 



We were prolly the most underdressed people there ever (except the small kids). Wanted to go to the very famous “Rock Bar” but man, were they a stuck up place to be at. They don’t allow us to be sloppily dressed (no singlets & swim shorts) and they had a ridiculously long queue awaiting to go in through a special lift to down under. So we ditched (again) this famous place and went to a nearby bar (within Ayana Resorts) to chill.

But, if we were really in the right attire, i might just queue to see whats the buzz all about. Nonetheless, we had a good time at the bar where we asked each other questions and enjoyed the breeze on top of the hills. This resort is quite luxurious so if you are thinking of staying at somewhere more secluded, you may consider here. The Rock Bar gives exclusive passes to their guests. It is no wonder that guests may stay here because of the bar.

8) Travelling in Bali


You must be wondering, wah, Angela living the life and having someone to fetch us here and there. Well, there are “public transport” around. But it saves so much time for a driver to bring us to places and give recommendations while travelling. Do note to google recommended driver agencies and see the reviews before you email them for their quotes. For us, the driver cost us about $56sgd for a 10 hour day.

Alternatively, you may want to rent a scooter/bike to drive along. Which, may be a little risky considering the traffic and many other bikes squeezing in the narrow path. Taxis are quite common as well, especially in tourist spots like Kuta and Seminyak. Try to get the blue bird taxis and make sure they turn on their meters. Other than that, Bali dont offer much of public buses or trains.

9) Heading back Home 

heading back

Do estimate the amount of time needed to travel to the airport from where you stay. For us, Nusa dua is only 20 minutes or less away but we added in the possibility of traffic jams as well. When we reached the airport, we had to queue in to get into the airport to scan our bags; Queue for check in; Queue for tax paying; Queue to scan our passports.

So recommended for you to reach at least 3 hours before. I wanted to even try their famous Bali duck but didn’t get a chance to. :,(

10) Other places to visit 

If we have a chance to go to Bali again, we would like to try their water sports, trekking and heading to other places such as Tanah Lot, Ubud, and Uluwatu temples.

Till next time then Bali! ❤